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Anna offer's one-on-one consultancy programs, group online workshops & more...

Anna is the CEO and founder of GUEST MANAGEMENT SYDNEY,  a full management service for homeowners and specialises in short-term rental accommodation.

A dedicated Airbnb specialist since 2015 and was one of the first entrepreneurs to offer her services at scale and continues to help others achieve their desired results through her consultancy programs, online courses and live speaking presentations.


Her latest online course was created to help others achieve the results her clients are getting on Airbnb by sharing her extensive knowledge of the industry and best practices to start making an income on Airbnb


“You’re not alone when it comes to the share economy, I take the ‘share’ bit seriously and that is my consistent approach when I’m thinking of new ways to help others achieve what I already have, by sharing what I already know and delivering in differently”


Anna enjoys sharing her personal journey and what lead her to start her company, being awarded the Showcase of the year 2019” from ‘Real Entrepreneur Woman”


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Motivational Speaking

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“She told her personal story so well, and how it led to the start of her business. Very inspiring how she is smashing her goals.”


“She spoke well, kept us intrigued & inspired many in our group to use her service.”


“She was real, funny and energetic. I loved her "give it a go and get it done" attitude. She's polished her business over time and her professionalism made us want to do business with her!”



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