Though property damage is rare The Host Guarantee (Airbnb) will reimburse eligible hosts for damages up to $1,000,000 AUD.


I will also guide you in the right direction to ensure your property is fully covered for short term holiday renting

  • Protection against damages.


  • You are covered by Airbnb Host Guarantee - at no extra cost.


  • A Security deposit from guests can be set by you to hold during their stay via Airbnb for peace of mind.

Guest Screening

A guest cannot book unless I approve them first!



Verified ID


Guest ID's will be verified by connecting to their social networks and scanning their Official Government Identification and confirming personal details. 


Personal preferences can also be discussed so you decide who stays.

Profile & Reviews


Airbnb is designed on real-time reviews, unlike Hotel's Airbnb has extra security on who stays. This creates a trusting environment and peace of mind. I will scan their profile's and get to know your guest before I accept or decline there offer. Details include; age, occupation,  personal introduction, why they need accommodation and most importantly past reviews from other Host's on Airbnb.